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 Melville Hyundai caters for the servicing requirements of thousands of customers every year. Our company co-ordinates one of the largest workshops for Hyundai servicing Perth offers. We provide new car servicing, maintenance as well as repair works for the whole Hyundai range.


Melville Hyundai specialises in genuine manufacturer-approved log book servicing for all Hyundai vehicles. However, you can be sure that we take good care of all the servicing and repair requirements for any make or model of vehicles. Do not hesistate to contact us below via our contact form or email. Or call us on the numbers provided. We are happy to assist you.


All vehicles being serviced at Melville Hyundai are carefully inspected and if there are any recommendations for adjustments or repairs, they will be discussed in detail with you. This is the reason why we insist that every techician who works for us goes through a rigorous training program to be more knowledgeable on all Hyundai models.


So, whatever Hyundai model you drive, you can be sure that Melville Hyundai’s specialist technicians are up to speed on whatever is under the bonnet and have full access to the right diagnostic tools.


The top reasons for servicing your Hyundai vehicles at Melville Hyundai are:

  • Technicians are Hyundai specialists, thoroughly trained to the Hyundai Manufacturer standards – they work on Hyundais day in, day out
  • Model-by-model specialist knowledge in fixing problems first time, every time.
  • Special Hyundai diagnostic equipment for your car service
  • Latest technical updates from our factory
  • Technicians have a wide access to comprehensive training to be able to stay up to date with the latest technological advances
  • Top Hyundai service in Perth, WA


So when you book in for our services, expect only quality work. Contact us today and our team will get your Hyundai vehicle in tip top shape!

Service Operating Hours

Monday - Friday:8:00am - 5:00pm


Melville Hyundai - Service Location

7 Thurso Rd, Melville, WA, 6156

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